Pakeezah - Chalte Chalte Yunhi Koi Mil Gaya Tha - Lata Mangeshkar

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Movie : Pakeezah Music Director: Naushad, Gulam Mohammad Lyricist: Kaifi Azmi Singers: Lata Mangeshkar Director: Kamal Amrohi Enjoy this super hit song …

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  1. Farooq Ahmad said on May 31, 2016 5:26 pm:

    Fantastic Past Memories

  2. zahid hussain shah said on June 1, 2016 8:31 am:


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  4. saif khan said on June 1, 2016 10:50 pm:

    yea bhi akh nasha hai ladki ko nacha na

  5. radha krishnan said on June 2, 2016 1:40 pm:

    No word to appreciate a fantanstic and wonderful song. Language is not a
    bar for music.

  6. ROMANO ROM said on June 3, 2016 1:35 am:

    Lata Mangeshkar ~ best singer!!!

  7. Navraj Dulai said on June 3, 2016 8:16 pm:

    I hate we don’t make films like this anymore

  8. Navraj Dulai said on June 3, 2016 8:16 pm:

    she looks like Jennifer Lawrence so much

  9. R Gondal said on June 4, 2016 12:08 am:

    Wah he wah…there will be never …another Naushad, Azmi and Ghulam
    Mohammad and Pran who refused to accepthis award for Bollywood ignoring
    Ghualam after his death…
    I was not at all impressed by the costing …actors were not good for this
    role…however Lataji, musicians and lyricist wrote music no one has been
    able to surpass or match…I can listen to these songs 24/7 and they never
    feel stale….every word of Azmi is speaking of the every last breath of
    Mena Kumari as she was taking who didn’t live long after the chiragh buj
    … jane ke bad….mena passed not long after

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  11. Mohammad Asim said on June 4, 2016 9:16 am:


  12. lala phad said on June 5, 2016 2:31 am:

    Watching in USA. Most mesmerizing song and mesmerizing Meena Kumari. Its a
    pity Bollywood does not remember legends like her more often.

  13. Sumeet Goyal said on June 5, 2016 4:15 am:

    Awsssmmmm song

  14. Dharmendra Rawat said on June 5, 2016 5:38 am:

    nice song

  15. ISPAT TIMES said on June 5, 2016 8:12 am:

    लता जी ग्रेट सिंगर है

  16. B D SAHU said on June 5, 2016 10:23 am:

    very good

  17. Prasanna Chitnis said on June 5, 2016 4:16 pm:

    awesome melody , thanks for downloading.

  18. veer4fun said on June 5, 2016 5:04 pm:

    Ik assholes

  19. Adi Katrak said on June 6, 2016 3:27 pm:

    seen the movie 19 times in theatre n see it every two months on TV Meenas
    exquisite beauty n greatest actress pof all times make the movies best ever
    made in India she wad exploited by all men from het father to ammrohi to
    dharmendra who ownnned all to her Pakeezah is much superior to Mughul e
    Azam i

  20. Kashif Kohari said on June 6, 2016 9:17 pm:

    lata di has put heart on it